Tuesday, March 30, 2010


After dealing with two offshore projects, I’m frustrated to no end. The expectation is the developer, whether onshore, offshore, or employees should know the basics of how to develop software that:
  • Disposes all database connections, even when there is an error

  • Minimizes network hops as it is a known performance hit to make a remote call more than once

  • Isn’t optimized until optimization is needed (yes, I know you can throw all of business logic in a stored procedure, but is that the right thing to do?)

  • Demonstrates basic OO design and coding skills – objects are nouns, methods are verbs

  • Has objects, methods named meaningfully – wtf does ExternalVariable do? What are its responsibilities?

  • Demonstrates knowledge of simple things like transactions – Yes, that update needs a transaction, no, the select statement doesn’t (ever, and don’t argue with me about it, you’re proving your ignorance).

I know that every one of these developers is hardworking, conscientious and willing to learn. My frustration is being forced to teach each contractor that walks though the door. It’s a waste of time and money.

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